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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'Tis the Season of CHRISTmas...

I have so many things to update you on...  WARNING IT IS GOING TO BE LONG!

First...we lost another member of my family the day after Thanksgiving.  My dad's mother passed away literally almost a month to the day of my mom's mother.  What a tremedous season of loss this has been in our family.  The encouraging news this that one day we will get to see them again one day in Heaven and I look forward to that day.  This comforts me more than any of you could know.

Eleanor went to the Georgia vs Auburn game and had a blast.  This would be the first time in her 2.75 years that I skipped her nap ( I am a schedule person!!).  The game started at 2:30 as most of you know... we were not sure how this would go...

She could not have done better she was a doll during the ENTIRE game.  She colored and read books with all of our help. (Nanny, Aunt Debbie, Jacob, Jessica and Uncle Scott)  We thought we might have to take her to see Bubs and the Ipad at half but she did just great.  She was good on the way home as well.  Didn't get to bed until 9:45 and had been awake for well over twelve hours.  It was a blessing!!

Thanksgiving has come and gone...I want to tell you that I am thankful for my entire family and for my support group that I have.  The year would have been really bad without them.  Thank you all who pray for Eleanor on a daily basis.  Please keep those prayers coming we feel them.

Since it is the Christmas season Robert and I have read the story of Jesus' birth to Eleanor so we can start from the beginining of her life to know that Christmas is about Jesus.  She has been quite cute.  She is constantly wanting to know when she gets to see him?  Can I go to the birthday party for Jesus?  (Yes we will be having a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas.)  The greatest one is: Are we following God?  She is truly remarkable and reminds me daily of our walk with Him.

She is, however, very excited about her visit from Santa.  At Thanksgiving she was thankful for Santa, Jesus and her family.

Last night we make cookies.  She decorated them and also helped me cut them out with the cookies cutters.  I will upload those pictures and link them so you can see her at work.

Finally, we went to the doctor mid-November and she weighed 29 lbs. and was a little over 35 inches tall.  She gained a pound but grew so the doctor was pleased.  The greatest news of all was that she doesn't have Psuedomonas any more!!  No more TOBI for now... we are so very thankful to get a break.  Hopefully it will stay away for a while until then we are going to enjoy our break.

Remember why we celebrate CHRISTmas... it is called CHRISTmas for a reason.
Coleen  OH and by the way WAR EAGLE!!!

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