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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eleanor is going to be a Big Sis this Friday!

We are pretty much moved in now and a good thing too because baby boy is scheduled to arrive this Friday! I went to the doctor today and my blood pressure was a little high when I arrived but after laying on my left side it went down.  Doctor says when I am this late in the pregnancy (will be 39 weeks this Friday) and the blood pressure starts getting high it is time to have the baby.  So I will report to the hospital on Thursday to be induced on Friday morning. 

I am ready for him to arrive and for Eleanor to see him.  She has been asking when his birthday is going to be for a week now and now we can tell her.  We would have never been able to plan it like this but this Friday is my Grandma Shank's birthday (she died almost a year ago) so this is already a special day and it will be even more special when he arrives.

Keep us in your prayers on Friday and I will do my best to get his name and picture uploaded when we get home.