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Friday, January 20, 2012

Thomas is born!

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Birth Announcement...to 3.5 months old~~


I know I am behind...most of you know by now that Thomas Harold Guilford arrived on October 7, 2011!  He is precious and looks like he is going to have red hair like his Eleanor!  He arrived via C-section, after a day of being induced, at 11:00 pm.  It was a special day as it was my grandmother's birthday and his middle name was her husbands first name.  :)

Thomas is growing like a weed and he has a VERY PROUD Big Sis!  Eleanor loves him so much!  She wanted to wear her big sis shirt everyday after he was born! I am also happy to announce that Thomas is only a carrier of CF!! Praise the Lord he was born CF free!

Eleanor has enjoyed her baby brother very much.  She is learning the ropes of having a baby brother in the house and for the most part has done very well with the transition. 

As for her CF, we have a new CF doctor and Eleanor loves her!  The doc is very attentive to Eleanor and very thorough.  I cannot complain.  We did leave with some new treatments.  We are now on Xopenex, Saltwater 7%, and the quick start vest treatment.  The vest treatment is definately helping the "little green men" that were in her chest the doctor heard at our appointment.  It is also very vigorous.  She cannot talk very well while it is going but as always she is taking it like a champ.  She takes her "salt" very well.  I have heard it is like breathing sandpaper when you are not used to it but she only mentioned that it tastes really bad.  She takes it twice a day now along with the Xopenex.  She also was on two antibiotics for strep that showed up on her last culture.  She took them like a big girl even though one smelled horrible!

The other challenge we faced was that she only gained .5lbs in six months.  This was not great news but kind of expected by Robert and I since she is not wanting to eat.  We have amped up her diet so we can put on the pounds without other measures right now.  She now drinks supermilk...whole milk with 1/4 cup heavy cream and chocolate syrup.  Bacon, two pieces every morning, lots of homemade ranch dip, and smoothie (more like high calorie milkshakes!)

She is doing good with all the new changes in her life.  Pray for her to have a attitude of wanting to eat and continue to take her treatments. 

She will turn 4 on the 28th of this month!  We are having a gymnastics party and she is super excited!  Hope to do better with the blog and will link some pix of thomas!

Her culture came back normal from her visit and that is a definate praise!!