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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CF Awareness month

May is offically CF Awareness month.  This is the time to get the word "out."  Tell  your family and friends about this disease and about how it affects those who have it.  Awareness equals understanding and understanding equals more volunteers to help raise money for a cure to this horrible disease.

We still have a little over a week for our Eleanor's Extravaganza for CF!  If you would like to donate $5 for a ticket for our prizes. Please email me at r-cguilford@mchsi.com and I will get the information to you.  For those of you who have donated thank you!  We are also having a jewelry show in Troy at TB&T this Friday, May 11th from 10 am - 2 pm.  If you are in the area come by and see what we have.  They would make great graduation presents and summer birthday presents.  All, 100%, of the proceeds go directly to the CF Foundation.

More later...Eleanor is waking up!

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