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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eleanor, drawing, and CF Friends

While at the beach the other day, Eleanor discovered that she can draw in the sand.  Today we thought about taking her to the beach...that was before the weather turned out to be so bad.  We wanted to get down to the beach just in case this oil does come our way.  We are not only concerned about the economic impact but the health impact for our daughter if it does come to our shores in south Walton.  Going to the water was not meant to be though. 

I bought Eleanor some sidewalk chalk at Michael's on Friday and stocked up on bubble solution as Grami bought her a bubble machine to have so I do not have to constantly blow bubbles when she is out front swinging.  Out front we went, bubble machine going and chalk in hand.  Eleanor had the biggest time.  Our neighbor's kids came over to play in the bubbles with her.  She turned our gray porch into a white and yellow piece of art.  I took pictures but I have to upload them.  I will get them up to let you see her.  She was also covered in yellow and white chalk it was a funny sight!

CF and CF Friends

Eleanor is almost done with her TOBI treatment for this 28 day cycle.  YEAH!  Her cough is back with a vengeance.  We are dealing with it and are hoping it will subside shortly.  Pray for her cough and that it is only the TOBI and nothing else.  I would also like to add three names to your list to pray.  Taylor (16), Megan (11), and Lacy (18 months).  They all have CF and are dealing with different issues right now.  I know that their families would appreciate all the prayer they can get in lifting up their children.  It seems like the people with CF in my area have been hit pretty hard of late.  So any extra prayers you can send up are appreciated.  This disease makes your family grow.  Once you met a fellow CF Mom you learn about their children then you want the best for them as well.  I hope that makes sense!

Will update with pictures soon.

I do have a quick funny story...

Aunt Ashley got Eleanor a 2.5 tall Elmo doll.  Today Eleanor sat him up on Robert and took her food from her kitchen and "fed" Elmo.  She would tell him to finish chewing or all done with that.  Here Elmo time to have your tomato.  She did this for about an hour.  Robert and I got some very good laughs.


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