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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin patch and TOBI

Today we went to a pumpkin patch with our some of our friends.  Eleanor had a blast!  I will upload some pictures so you can see the joy on her face.  We have been busy lately going to football games, and other events so I have not had much time to blog. 

We have been on our TOBI and it seems to be effecting her more this time than last time.  She wakes up with a raspy voice in the morning and seems to be coughing more.  It is a good and bad thing for me.  This is what the TOBI is supposed to be doing but in the back my mind I keep thinking did she have something?  Did I miss it? 

She is so active now and we are finally able to get back outside so we have definately been exposed to more germs but we cannot live in a bubble.  I cannot keep her locked inside either.  To see the joy she experiences when we go to the park and play with her friends or just go outside to swing.  Words cannot describe it.  So, I am telling myself if she did have something the TOBI is just doing its job and getting rid of it.

I will try to post the pictures of the pumpkin patch tomorrow.


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