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Monday, March 14, 2011

Bronch Results

We received the Bronch results in several different batches so I have waited to post until we know all of them.  The day of the bronch went well.  Eleanor only had a little anxiety...mostly about seeing the guy who does her throat culture.  She was very happy when we said that she would not be seeing him today.  We saw our doctor and all the pre-op nurses.  Eleanor even walked off with the anesthesiologist without even looking back.  So before the procedure Eleanor did wonderfully.  A wonderfully comforting thing happened right before she was taken down.  The doctor came in and talked with us and said, "Do you mind if I pray?" "We would love that!", was our reply!  How awesome...to know that the person whose hands she will be in wants to pray before the procedure...calm and peace were given to us from the Lord.
We waited about 30 minutes and the doctor came back up and said that she looked better than he expected.  (Yeah!) He saw no signs of any problems and what secretions she did have; he sucked out.
Now we were led back to her room where she was waking up.  This part did not go as well...the meds made her a little angry.  She was not happy to have an IV in her foot.  She tried to pull it out several times.  Let's just say that when we left the hospital and finally got in the car we were wondering what child that was that woke up from the procedure.  She did start acting normal when we got to the car and proceeded to talk and tell us she was hungry.
That afternoon she was on the couch playing with Bubs Ipad when she just up and fell asleep on me.  THIS NEVER HAPPENS.  We figured it was just the after effects from the procedure.  Well, she got goosebumps all over her then proceeded to get hot...like on fire hot.  We took her temp and it was over 102.  So we called the doctor and were instructed to give her some tylenol to help.  We could definitely tell when it kicked in.  She was up and talking again like her normal self.  The fever went away with the medicine and when she woke up the following morning she pronounced herself well!

The results of the test were really good.  Her first culture came back normal...this would have been the one to show if she had any pseudomonas.  The second culture which would have told us if she was growing any fungus or mold came back normal!  The third one which tells us if she had acid reflux came back positive.  It measure 4+ which is on the high end.  It is weird because we have never noticed it but then it was mentioned that it can cause a cough.  Hmmm...wonder if that is what causes the unexplained cough sometimes.

Her labs came back good except her Vitamin A level was low again.  We will be taking an extra dose of the vitamin to help bump it up.

Those are our results!  Praise the Lord we received a good report.  It could have been must worse.  We are very thankful.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  We are already back on our 28 days of TOBI.  She is handling it really well.  She is such a trooper!


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