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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Updates, News and stuff!


We are still in the midst of doing our TOBI treatments.  She is doing well most of the time.  We are starting to encounter the I don't want to's.  Right now we just change up her routine and let her paint or play with playdough while she is doing the TOBI.  It seems to have worked as today she didn't want me to take the TOBI off because she wanted to continue to paint!

She is now on Prevacid once a day for her reflux.  This is a result of her bronch.  Found out that she has very bad reflux.  Interesting as she never seems to complain about it but who know that she is dealing with that she doesn't tell us. :)  She is a strong little warrior.


Robert and I went to the doctor yesterday and confirmed that we are pregnant!!
This is our baby #2.  She/he measures at 3 inches and will be twelve weeks tomorrow (4/1)!  We are due on 10/14/11.  Isn't it amazing how meticulous God is??  What a precious sight it was seeing this little one kicking, stretching, and dancing around.  The doctor says everything looks normal and healthy.  "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. ~Ps. 139:13

It is not wonderful that you can see the profile of the little face the nose, lips, chin, forehead.  The little legs.  You cannot see the arms because the baby was moving so fast.  We are very excited and would ask all of you to pray for a healthy baby and a smooth pregnancy.

Eleanor doesn't quite understand.  When we told her she was going to be a big sister she did a little dance and screamed, "Yeah!!"  She told us that she can teach it numbers, letters, and to help it drink.  I will update you with her other interesting insights as we get them.

CF Fundraising

We are in the middle of our fundraising.  I have tshirts for 15.00 and we have raffle tickets.  If you would like to just make a donation please click on this link:


Coleen, Robert, and Eleanor

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