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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eleanor update

We are offically on Cipro!  Yea and boo!  So happy we can get it in her body and get the Staph infection out.  Boo that her tummy has already started hurting.  We are doing probiotics to help her but just pray that they work for her throughout this 21 day regimen we are on.

Eleanor didn't take a nap today or yesterday and it seems to have caught up with her.  I am pretty sure that those of you who know me know that I really like her to take a nap when she is not having trouble with anything.  She just acts better because she is more rested.  I KNOW, I know she is four but her body is different than most four year olds.  Now that she is fighting this infection in her lungs she seems to be more tired.  Ever since she started the Cipro her cough seems to have gotten worse and she just seems to be a little out of sorts.  All of that to say that two days of no napping means a tired, ill little girl. 

Since she didn't take her nap today I announced that she would go to bed early.  As any of you CF Mama's know out there that can be quite an undertaking!  She normally goes to bed around 9 - 930.  Tonight she was in bed at 815.   I was quite sure we would have some moments where she would come out of her room with the normal excuses as to why she could not go to sleep.  However, she went straight to sleep.  Not ONE peep from her!  This tells me how tired she was.  She rarely does this and tells me just how much of a toll her CF is taking on her right now.

Please pray for her body to rest and repair itself while she is asleep and that she will take her naps so she can feel normal.  I pray that she wakes up tomorrow morning and this good nights rest helps her to feel rested and great in the morning.

Much Love,

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