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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Funny Story

Eleanor has been quite the card today.   We were eating supper and I needed to wash the dishes (because our dishwasher is broken) and so I put on those gloves to protect my poor hands so they won't dry out and Eleanor see them and starts whining.  She says, "Mommy going to clean clean."  At first Robert and I thought that she was talking about me cleaning the dishes but then she says,"Clean, Clean and turn turn."  So now we realize that she is remembering me doing her IV meds over two months ago!  She has too good of a memory.  So we assured her that mommy was just cleaning the dishes and that Eleanor did not have to have any medicine.

She has also started saying some funny things like she is playing with the Wonder Pets sticker and picks up the Lenny sticker and says, "Is this Lenny...it is Lenny, I guess."  Who knows where the I guess comes from. Or she will say, "Want to watch the Wonder pets...okay you can watch the Wonder Pets."  She asks the questions and then answers them herself.  It is funny listening to her carry on a conversation with herself. 

We were watching a Little Einsteins episode tonight that has the music from the Flight of the Bumblebee on it.  While the music plays they sing, Flubadubaduba, flubadubadubaduba and shake their hands and head and then the whole body.  So Robert and I are watching her and she is shaking singing the song.  It was hilarious!  Probably funnier in person than on here but I thought I would share.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend.

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