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Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally Friday

Hey it's Friday!!  Eleanor and I started it off on a good note, actually it was on two good notes. :)  We went to the beach this morning and had a blast.  She is quite the fearless girl when we go down to the beach.  Spent an hour running around in the surf and on the sand.  Getting it everywhere...it's cute to see her run around with sand all over her knowing that in a few years it is probably going to bother her...then again maybe it won't who knows??

The other good news we received this morning is that her sputnum culture came back normal.  YEAH!!!  We are so excited that it came back normal and for now the psuedomonas is gone.  We start our TOBI treatments again this evening for another 28 days.  Pray for Eleanor as our compressor seems to have slowed down a bit and we are trying to "fix it."

In a bit of non-cf news my Grandmother in Ohio seems to be having up and down days.  She is 90 years young and her faculties have not left her.  She is just in need of some up-llifting prayers.  She fell about a week ago and she also has a kidney infection.  I think there is something else that is not quite right.  If any of you prayer warriors out there could uplift Mary Shank it would be much appreciated.  How do you tell her you love her and that she is thought about when she can't really talk on the phone and isn't getting on the internet?  I guess by good old snail mail. 

Thanks for stopping by...I will update our TOBI progress again soon.


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