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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This treatment done!

Yesterday was Eleanor's fourteenth day of treatment for her Psuedomonas!  We will go to Pensacola on monday morning for a throat culture to see if she has gotten rid of it.  Then I believe we will be back on the TOBI for 28 days since this is our "ON" month.  Prayers that the psuedomonas will be gone and if it is not that we have ways to deal with it.


We went to Grammi and Pawpaw's today.  Eleanor had a great time seeing her grandparents for the first time in a month!  She was so excited to see them.  She tells you about her day by asking questions.  It is so cute.  For example:  Pawpaw did you have a good lunch? Did you eat like a Big Girl? Did you want to go outside?  Her hair is also long enough to pull up in a pony tail.  She calls her pony tail her "big hair."  So she pranced around today with a pony tail to help keep her mildy cool in all of this humidity.  She enjoyed playing in Ozark and then it was back home to get here in time to see Daddy.

'Tude problems

Eleanor is going thru her period of terrible twos.  The fun of a two year old and sass with piles of 'tude sometimes make you want to go mad...just pray for Robert and I.  She is a great child most of the time but we have moments! :)

This past weekend we got to celebrate my birthday...we had a great day with Eleanor staying with Nanny and Bubs.  We also got to see some friends we have not see in a while.  It was great to see Caleb and Whitney!!  We also went down to the beach and Eleanor had the best time.  She is constant movement.  Walking from the beach to the little sand bar that was about five feet out and back.  This was repeated I have no idea how many times.  Eleanor received a great breathing treatment this time.

When we visited the beach yesterday there was NO OIL!  Please come if you have plans too...we are already seeing less people because of the news reporting.  Right now our beach is clear come enjoy it while you can!

Thanks for reading and the prayers! 

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