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Friday, June 25, 2010

Heavy Heart

I have been following a blog for the past two months called Not so bright and shiny.  (http://www.notsobrightandshiny.blogspot.com/) It is and was the journey of a brave seven year old boy named Conner.  He had CF and Prune Belly Syndrome.  He is no longer fighting the disease as he is in the hands of our Lord.  I know I have lots of prayer warriors that pray daily for my daughter.  I ask that you will pray for Conner's family in this time of grief.  There are no words to offer her, Conner's mother, I don't know how she feels but I do know that what we can offer her and the rest of Conner's family is prayer for peace and love through the grieving process. 

This disease is real, it takes lives everyday...this is just a reminder of how much people and families with CF have to go through with this horrible disease.  This stat is from her blog: CF death statistics on average are 484 deaths per year, 40 per month, 9 per week, 1 per day


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