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Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Cold

We have a summer cold.

Eleanor started a cold Tuesday and it has gotten worse.  We went to the doctor.  Our normal doc was not there so we saw the other doctor in the practice.  I was a little worried because as you know Eleanor doesn't like doctor's visits.  We went and she let them listen to her chest and stood on the scale without too much trouble.  Then she clung to me while we were waiting for the doctor.  He came in and she pretended to be asleep.  This actually worked in our favor.  The doctor listened to her lungs, tummy, looked in her ears (there was no screaming...this is not normal!). 

Then it came time to look into her mouth...this never goes well.  He asks her to open her mouth and she shakes her head no.  The doctor reaches in his pocket and says, "What do I have in here?!"  He pulls out a bracelet.  Eleanor starts smiling and says, "A bracelet!" He asks her again to open her mouth....do you know what....she popped that mouth open wide!  I could have hugged him.  This usually does not go well and we went the entire time without screaming!  Yeah!  He could not really find anything wrong.  We were dealing with a cold virus.  Yuck!

Tuesday night was a long night...Eleanor has spoiled me...we do not have very many bad nights.  We did not get very much sleep so Wednesday was a bit of a long day.  She continued to have her runny nose and a little fever.  Wednesday night she slept like a log!  Yeah!

She had a temp but it is gone now.  Her nose is not draining like a faucet anymore but she cannot breathe out of her nose.  We are doing saline sprays three times a day.  This seems to help but is only temporary.  Yesterday she started this lovely loud barky cough.  The CF kind that is so loud that if you are not used to it you look around for the smoker in the room.  She continued to cough through the night last night. 

This morning I finally called Nemours and talked with our nurse.  (She is back from Maternity leave!  Yeah!  We have so missed her!!) We are continuing the nose spray but are going to add albuterol to help with the inflammation. 


Prayers that Eleanor's cold will continue to get better and she can start sleeping through the night.  Also, we start the tobi at the end of next week. 

Also please pray for my grandmother.  She has been in and out of the hospital.  There are too many issues to list but she needs your prayers for encouragement. 


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