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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Updates and NEWS!

I have not kept my blog up like I should lately.  Sorry about that!  I am going to do better...


We are doing quite well with Eleanor's TOBI but her cough is absolutely horrible!  We were in O'Charley's the other day and she coughed (well one of many times) and the people who had just been placed next to us asked to move.  Like they were going to "catch" what she had.  THE NERVE of some people!  Since we have decided that CF is not going to be our identity I did not get up and tell the man that I was 100% sure that my daughter would not get him sick.  Robert handles these situations better than me...I was steamed for about five minutes and then decided not to let him ruin my meal.  I guess my point is that I understand people are still probably concerned about the H1N1 virus and all but if you have ever heard Eleanor or any CFer cough you know that it does not sound like a normal cough.  :)

Moving on...
Grami and Pawpaw came down visit this week and we went out to eat twice yesterday.  Eleanor asked to go to get cheese dip and tomatoes when they first got here.  (it was almost lunch time)  She loves to eat her cheese dip, chips, a whole cup of tomatoes, and taco meat.  The lady at the restaurant remembered us from last time and personally asked Eleanor what she wanted.  Eleanor told her Cheese dip, tomatoes, and taco meat!  We were eating our meal and the lady came back by and Eleanor decided she would share a tomato with her.  The lady took the tomatoes from Eleanor's little hand and told her thank you.  Then she ate it!  She did this twice.  As you can tell Eleanor did not take after her parents...she does not meet strangers!

Last night we ate out at Carrabba's and at the end of our meal when we were about to leave our waitress came up to the table and told us bye.  Eleanor said, "Bye!"  Then looked at the waitress and said, "I want to give you a hug!"  I wish I had a picture of the waitress' face...it was priceless...she was not quite sure if Eleanor really meant it.  So she asked Eleanor, "Do you want me to come give you a hug?"  Eleanor responded, "Yes!"  So the waitress came around the table and gave Eleanor a big hug.  Eleanor then said, "Thanks!"  The love of the Lord certainly shines through this little 2.5 year old.  There is no other way to explain it!  The power of the hug that she gave that waitress was tremendous.  We left the waitress with the biggest smile she had on her face all night!


In other news, part of the reason I have not been posting so much is because I have been soooo tired lately.  I would just crash when Eleanor would go down for her nap.  Some of you probably already have it figured out. Eleanor is going to be a BIG Sister on April 19, 2011!  We thought we were 8 weeks but after the appointment today we found out that we are actually 6.5 weeks along.  The doctor was please with the way the baby looked on the ultrasound.  We go to see her again in two weeks to make sure we are still progressing along like we should.  We didn't tell everyone until 8 weeks with Eleanor but we decided to go ahead and tell people now. 

Please pray for the baby that the Lord would put his hand on this baby the same way he covered and protected Eleanor while she was in me.  I know I will feel better after the first trimester is over.  We covet your prayers and will share updates as we get them.



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