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Friday, September 17, 2010

Bad News...

It has been a week since we heard the bad news.  We went in last Thursday for our 8 week appointment and went in for our ultrasound and there was no baby there.  The little circle and beating heart we saw at 6.5 weeks had gone.  We have the best doctor she gave us all the details and explained the process.  I went in last Friday for my DNC.  I am almost physically recovered from the procedure and am very thankful.

I know that God made my body and my body knew that there was something wrong with my baby.  It is better to happen now than in a few months.  I did not get the chance to know this baby but I know that there is a reason and am at peace.  The last week has been a little emotional but Robert and I are doing okay.  We have definitely felt the prayers that are being said on our behalf and truly appreciate them.  I have felt the Lord's mercy and grace surround me and cannot put into words how much I am thankful for a great family, church family, and friends.  I cannot put into words everything that I have been through but I can tell you that this struggle we have gone through has continued to bring me closer to the Lord. 

Eleanor is doing well...we finished her TOBI last Thursday.  What a joy she has been to see and spend time with playing, reading, and just having fun.

Thank you for the prayers we really appreciate it.

Coleen, Robert and Eleanor

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