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Friday, February 4, 2011


Happy Birthday to Eleanor!!

Wow my baby turned three!  It is really hard to believe that she is three...really hard.  Last year at this time we were in the hospital for Eleanor's first PICC line and IV meds.  So, um, we were just a LITTLE happy to be planning a party and not be in the hospital.  We did come close to going in this year but thankfully for now we are just on TOBI.

Eleanor's birthday ended up being more of a weekend then a day...we celebrated Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It was lind of like two birthday's in one for her.  To say she had a blast would be an understatement.  Friday we celebrated with family.  Aunt Becky and Joshua and Camille, cousins, from Auburn came down to celebrate with her.  Nanny and Bubs helped celebrate as well.  We opened family presents (Robert and I decided we probably got too many presents.  Then we decided it didn't matter because last year she was in the hospital)

Saturday Aunt Ashley and Uncle Stuart came down from Troy with her cousins, Brody and Lauren.  Unfortunately, Grami and Pawpaw did not get to come because he was in the hospital having tests done. :( They were missed...please keep them in your prayers.
Her friends came over and we had pizza (requested by the birthday girl) and cake (picked out by the birthday girl).  Then we opened presents. 

Now it was off to Build-a-bear to have a party their.  They all had a blast!!  I think everyone was excited about it and left with a new friend!!

I am in the process of uploading pictures right now.  When I get them up I will post the link. 

We are extremely thankful to all of the people out keep us in their prayers even when we are "well."  We learned that things can and usually do happen quickly with CF.  Keep  her in your prayers as we will have a procedure called bronch soon.

Other things...
 She is learning bible verses and has been quite cute with them.  We are on our third verse and she is reciting them very well.  So proud...we want her to have these written upon her heart at an early age so she can recall them when she gets older with no problem.

Sorry for the long blog...but thanks for reading!

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