Welcome to the life of Eleanor Guilford! She is a sassy, cute three year old who loves to run, read, and ramble on about anything...did we mention she just happens to have CF? Follow our struggles, triumphs and everyday lulls...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Build-a-bear photos

Picking out Ellie

Watching Ellie get stuffed

She just kissed and gave Ellie her heart.

Holding Ellie and Ellie's pet dog in the car.  She ate with Ellie as well.

Loving on Ellie

Eleanor is now sound asleep with Ellie.  The first time she has not slept with Elmo in almost a year.
She was cute we could hear her talking to Ellie in the monitor.

Good night everyone.
I hope you have peaceful dreams.
May we all have the joy that Eleanor has.

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