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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Funny Comments by Eleanor Guilford

At Build-A-Bear where we built a cute little bear named Ellie and found Ellie a dog that says #1 Dad.  She said the following:
You get a heart to put in the bear before it is sewn up.  She kissed it and then gave it to the lady.  After the bear was sewn up she said, "Where did the heart go?"  We told her it has in the bear like Eleanor's heart was in her.  Then she looked at Robert and said, "Inside like Daddy's heart."  The rest of the evening she commented every now and then on where the bear's heart was...one time it was, "See it, do you see it?!  It's in her belly!"

The cashier ask her if her Daddy was #1 (as on the little dog we bought).....Eleanor pointed and said, "My daddy's name is Robert!"

Then we went to eat at O'Charley's and she told the waiter the following things:

I went to the car to get a coloring book she told him, "Your mommy will be right back!"
The next time he came she said, "I want a bagel please!"  She thinks the rolls there are bagels.
When I squirted the ketchup on the plate (it was almost empty) she said, "the ketchup pooped!" She said this really loudly three times before we could get her to stop.  She is potty training now and is very interested in bodily functions.  The waiter brought us some more ketchup and he said I noticed that yours was empty.

As we were leaving he said can I get you anything else?  Eleanor replied, "I want a banana please!!"

I share these little tidbits so you can see the joy we experience with Eleanor everyday.  I will upload pictures of our visit hopefully later tonight.

Coleen and Robert

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