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Monday, July 26, 2010

Clinic Visit

We just arrived back home from our clinic visit.  In most ways it was a great visit, but Eleanor does not like going to her appointments. 

On the way over she knew that something was not quite right.  She kept asking Robert and I when we were going to go home.  When we pulled into the parking lot at Sacred Heart and we told her that we were going to see Dr. VanHook she lost it.  She started crying and saying she wanted to go home.  Bless her, all she remembers is getting her picc line out and the pain it caused.

After we assured her there would be no "ouchies" and that Ellie would have her chest listened to show Eleanor how easy it was she calmed down and did okay...until we got to the receptionist desk then she started crying again.  We did some talking and distracting the tears subsided. 

The nurse came out to get us and she did fine through the listening for her heartbeat, her O2 stats (99), her height (34.8 inches) and her weight (28.7 lbs).  However, taking her temperature in her ear did not go well.  We got through it and went to our room.

Dr. VanHook came in and she listened to Ellie and pronounced her healthy and Eleanor was then ready to go home!  She was not ready to take her turn with the stethoscope.  We just talked with Dr. VanHook about her appetite, BM's, new enzyme's, and the new psuedomonas drug.  Eleanor is in the 75th percentile on the BMI (body mass index) chart and that is awesome for a child with CF! 

Eleanor then decided to talk with Dr. VanHook about her animals and a summary of what we have done this summer.  She did finally let us listen to her chest.  Dr. VanHook is so very patient with us.  Daddy held the stethoscope to her chest and back and we were done.  Her chest sounds great!

Then the BAD part comes.  She knows the man who takes her culture's voice.  She heard him in the hallway and started crying. Poor thing.  Robert and I had to hold her down and we finally got her culture....I do NOT like those!

After we were done Glen, the man who does her cultures, asked for a hug and she went and gave him one.  It was all okay now that it was over.  She even gave him a high-five.

We had a good visit.  We are now just waiting on the culture results.

We went to the Gulfarium the other day, I will post about it soon.  Eleanor had a blast!



  1. Bless her heart! I know it must be hard on you and Robert to see her going through this. Keeping you all in my prayers! I hope Eleanor got some ice cream or something afterwards! ;)

  2. Thanks Shera! She did get some ice cream afterwards. :) Praying for you as well.