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Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh Eleanor!


It seems like we are on TOBI forever this time.  She had the psuedomonas back at the end of May so we were on it for 14 days and then had a week off.  So now that we have about I don't know 10 days or less left it seems like we have been doing this forever (to tell the truth). Her cough is horrible and sounds like a 50 year old smokers cough.  I guess the benefit is that she has the nicest ab muscles I have ever seen on a two year old!

She is so cute and easily complies with her treatments.  She has picked up on the fact that when I list what we are going to do I go from one finger to the next.  So now she does the exact same thing when she is repeating what she thinks we are going to do.  She will say while her left index finger is on her right thumb. We are going to do the abby. (finger now moves to the index finger) do our vest, (finger now moves to the middle finger) and then our TOBI.  She pretty much knows her daily schedule because we are so routine oriented.  Every now and then she forgets one but she does pretty good for a 2 year old. :)

OH Eleanor!

When she does something that is wrong or she thinks she is going to get in trouble for she says, "Oh Ellleannnorrr"  She drags her name out.  Where did she get this from, well if you must know, I say it.  She takes everything in and then repeats.  Like last night, Robert was out of the room and Eleanor seemed to be having troubles with obeying.  I asked her," Are you going to obey or not?" Eleanor replies (with a smile), "Or not!"  My fault for asking her an open question like that.  She is just too smart sometimes.  Don't worry we had a talk about what would happen if she did the "or Not!" and she was happy to obey.

Lessons from God through Eleanor

Can't you just hear God saying, "Oh (insert your name here)! I know I can He probably says it quite often in my case.  He continues to teach me things thru this little spitfire that he has blessed us with and sometimes I am too stubborn to listen and I can just hear him chuckling and saying O Coleen! But what is so comforting it that is He is the God of second chances!  Eleanor likes to watch Jonah by VeggieTales and was asking about Jonah and the whale.  We had a long discussion about second chances and then she said,"so Jonah doesn't have to be scared about it."

That's right God in his mercy and compassion gave Jonah who fled to the opposite end of the known world gave Jonah a second chance to do His will.  Even thought he fled from God's will (see Jonah 1:2-3),  God pursed him...But the Lord hurled a powerful wind over the sea, causing a violent storm to threatened to breack the ship apart ~ Jonah 1:4. 

Funny how this next verse so correlates with me some times.  You would think in all of the wind and horrible weather Jonah would be awake...no verse 5 and 6 recount that Jonah was soundly asleep and that the captain had to go wake him up!!  How many times is God calling us and we are so involved in the me, me, me that we can't hear his voice. 

There are so many more lessons to be learned from this book but I thought I would share just a few that through Eleanor's innocent questions the Lord has helped to answer my prayers.  It is nice to know that we "don't have to be scared about it" either when we mess up.  We can know that God is the God of second chances...

Also Eleanor has started asking where is Jesus at night time because when I put her down to bed I say, "Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, and Jesus loves you!" her reply is,"Where is Jesus?" I tell her that Jesus is everywhere and He is always here with her.  This is when she repeats in the sweetest voice, "Jesus is everywhere!! He is here!"


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