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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Eleanor's cough is steady at eight to ten times a day.  To any of you it would probably sound like we let her smoke since her birth...it is really deep and crudy (don't know if that is a word) sounding.  She is actually getting better at coughing to clear her voice when it becomes raspy.  The clinic told me that most all of their cfers are having this problem right now.  Since she is on the TOBI they do not think it is psuedomonas again.  To help clear the mucus and combat the crud she has we have gone to three vest treatments a day and three albuterol or "abby" as Eleanor has started calling them.  So that equates to three vest treatments a day and let's see...6 nebulizer treatments a day.  Oh the joys of life!!
You would never be able to tell she doesn't feel good as she is in constant motion but you can tell that it is taking a toll on her a little bit. 

THANKS for the PRAYERS!!  Yesterday we had a normal day...she went down for her nap and only talked a little bit.  YEAH!!!  Today she slept until 830 but is now down at 230 for her nap.  I put her down around 200 so she talked for a little bit and then gave it up.  Her BM's seem to be getting back to our normal schedule.  Yeah!!

Funny things...
Eleanor has now discovered the cheese in the spray can called "easy cheese" yes the stuff you healthy people probably cring if your kids ask for.  She loves it on wheat thins.  I am glad as it is a good treat to have during lunch that is a break from the same old stuff.

I forgot to post the other day Eleanor can now sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by herself.  She has been singing it with us for a while but now sings all by herself. She also sings "Baby Jesus" that's "Jesus Loves Me" to us.  Also Robert and I have been singing the ABCs to her since she was about two months old.  On Sunday she sang the her ABCs at supper out of the blue.  All letters and in correct order.  Robert and I were completely speechless.  She amazes us everyday.

I will keep you updated on her cough...now to do some work for church,

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