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Monday, February 15, 2010

Here's the update on our life...

I know it has been a few days...here's the scoop.  Eleanor is coughing more and more each day.  She coughed a lot this morning with Robert.  I called Pensacola and we are to up her Albuterol treatments to three times a day with her vest up to three times as well.  I do not know if something is going on or not but her BM's are throwing her nap schedule off.  Robert put her down at 1:45 today and she fell asleep at 400pm.  This is the same thing she did yesterday.  We are both concerned that her coughing may have something to do with it.  She doesn't cough when she sleep so I don't know.
Yesterday...she threw up in the nursery...not really sure why but Mrs. Polly had to clean her up and bless her she didn't even call us to come get her.  We really LOVE Mrs. Polly and the love she shows Eleanor.  The unsettling part is that the throw up was mostly mucus.  She has not done this ever.  The good thing is she needs to get the mucus out but this just all seems to be happening so sudden.  Since we just got out of the hospital with the IV treatment we are both concerned that something else is going on. 

On the lighter side...
Things you never thought you would say to your kid....No, you can't just eat the icing you have to eat the cookie too.  And: No, you have to take a bigger bite of your cookie.  Never dreamt that I would encourage her to eat her junk food.  Also, we got her RSV shot today and she weighed 27 pounds.  Yeah!! This is more that is about two more pounds than we weighed a month ago. 

Pray that her cough is just the antiboitics loosening up the junk that is in there and nothing else is happening with her.  Pray that we can get her BM's back on schedule so she can take a nap at a decent nap hour.


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