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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First day post PICC Line

Eleanor slept until 845 this morning.  She is still staying awake until 1030 because she is not used to going to sleep earlier.  I know after about a week she will get back into the routine.  We woke up this morning and did our routine.  Except after breakfast I am supposed to give her the TOBI treatment and in my fog this morning I gave her the Pulmozyme.  No harm done I usually give her Pulmozyme at night time in this part of the treatment.  So I had to give her the TOBI right before nap time and it put her a little behind going to sleep.

Funny story...I was changing her clothes this morning so we could go to the grocery store and she started wimpering.  I was not really sure why then it hit me she thought we were going to the doc's office.  So I told her we are going to Publix to get some food and get you a cookie!  She looked at me and smiled the biggest smile and then said COOOOKIEEE!!  All I heard on the way to the store was "I am going to get a cookie!"  We get to the store and she asks the man "Please cookie" and "Thank you" then proceeds to look at it for 5 minutes like it was something she had never seen before.  She takes a bite and then decided she doesn't want it.  So we brought home a cookie with one bite out of it.  At least it provided a distraction while I shopped!!  It's the small things we have to be thankful for....

Also ( you will notice I will talk about her BM's on her sometimes; soon I will post and tell you why I have to watch them so closely)  we had a solid normal BM...YEAH!!!  Finally, it has been two weeks.  Only a CF mom could completely understand my joy but feel free to do a little dance with me as well.

She is still asleep for her nap right now.  I hope everyone is having a great day!


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