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Friday, February 19, 2010

Eleanor and the playground

We went to the playground at Destin Commons today...I know you are wondering why I took her out when she was junky sounding.  I knew that there is a good chance of pounding and getting the junk in her chest stirred up if we went to the playground...so off we went.  She has not been to this one in a while and can now play on it better.  She was too cute!  We got there and this little boy was jumping off one of the sea creatures they have.  ( I will have to take a picture and post sometime so you can see the playground)  She started hopping up and down saying Jump! Jump!!  She was sooo excited to see other kids. She like going thru the tunnel that went under the lighthouse...she liked it so much I stood back and watched her.  Well, she was apparently having such a good time that she forgot about me for a few minutes and then I could see the look on her face.  It was like 'Oh Wait! Where's my Mommy?'  So I called out her name and she smiled and kept playing.  She is so independent but still wants to know where mommy is. :) Make me feel good.  She played well with others and she didn't cry when I told her it was time to tell the playground Bye Bye!!  All the way to the car she was saying "Bye Bye Playgroung see you later."

She amazes me sometimes...you know that a two year old doesn't always behave properly but today she did perfect.  I was so proud.  We will have to go back when the weather is pretty another day so she can play and interact with other kids.  She is definately going to be a social butterfly.

Her cough is getting a little better.  Not coughing as much as she has been...she still sounds raspy and you can tell the junk is in there but it must be getting out because she seems to be getting better.  She is taking a relly good nap today.  She went down at 2:10 and it is 4:40.  I am going to have to wake her up in a minute so she will sleep tonight.

I hope everyone is having a great Friday!

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