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Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Girl Bed

I am losing my baby!  Well, I have already lost her as she is a full blown toddler now but we are one more step toward the complete independence stage.  Yesterday we had two big milestones:
1) We went into the big kids room at church.  She screamed right when I dropped her off and then was fine.  When Robert and I went to pick her up she was sitting down playing and eating some goldfish.  She looked up and said, "There's mommy and daddy!"

2)Yesterday afternoon when I put her down for her nap she kept talking and then we heard on the monitor, "want to get out! it's too heavy!"  Robert told me I had better go check on her so I did and found...a child with one leg out of the crib one leg in as she was straddling the crib bar.  I immediately fussed at her and told her to get back in bed and go to sleep...which she did, thank goodness!

So after that experience we converted her crib into a toddler bed.  The real reason for my alarm is that we have tile floors and there is no padding if she were to fall out of the crib.  So we decided it would be better to have her roaming around her room then have to rush her to the ER.

She did good last night...although she talked until 1030.  I was scared I was going to find her on the floor but when I checked on her she was in the bed!  So very excited.  She slept until 445 and woke me up screaming...I ran in there and she was just lying in bed screaming.  We figured it was either a nightmare or she woke up and didn't realize where she was because as soon as I started her music she went back to sleep.  She woke up this morning at 800.  Yeah, the first night was a success!

She is just waking up from her nap...she went down in ten minutes in her bed like a charm.  Soooo happy!

We are losing our baby but gaining quite a little girl.  Love her so much!!

Funny thing...
I was concerned about her nap since she would be able to see around her room.  Well about nap time it got really dark outside.  I started chuckling to myself and thought Thank you Lord!!  He so knew I needed a little darkness for the start of her nap.  Who says he doesn't care about the small details in our lives?? 


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