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Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally Friday

Hey all,

We have had a busy week.  We stopped TOBI on Monday, Tuesday we went to the church for mommy to "work" for a little while then went into to see daddy and eat lunch together.  Wednesday we went to Nanny and Bubs for mommy to get her hair cut.  She got to swing in the sack swing that is out in the yard and I think it is one of her favorite parts of going to see Nanny and Bubs.  She also ate four of Nanny's homemade Pecan Sandies.  Needless to say, she liked those cookies.  I had to tell her there were no more cookies.  She was not real happy with me.  Thursday we had to go to the grocery store and get the doggies some food.  Eleanor got another cookie.  After thanking the man for the cookie she said, "I love cookies!"  It
is so cute because love sounds like lu-uofve cookies.  It has a big emphasis on it.

Friday Grammie and Pawpaw came down.  While waiting for them to come she had a really good breakfast.  A whole pop tart and a plate full of strawberries.  After finishing her strawberries she picked up the plate and said, "Grapes please!"  I told her that it was time to eat her yogurt we were done with fruit...she thought about it for a minute and said,"Grapes please!"  Then she smiled like it will work on mommy.  Bless her she didn't not fuss when I got the yogurt.  She ate her yogurt like a big girl and got down. When Grammi and Pawpaw got her we went to eat Mexican food.  She ate a whole bowl of "mamatoes" (tomatoes) and all of her soft taco.  Then we got done and she said, "Go to see the playground!"  The little girl remembered that the playground was close and wanted to go.  So we dropped Pawpaw off at Michaels and went to the playground.  She had the greatest time!  Grammi finally got to see her play on the playground. 

We went and picked up Pawpaw and on the way home he sneezed and from the backseat we heard, "Bless you Pawpaw."  It was too cute.

Even though this has caused me angst...I am going to say it...it is much better.  She has not coughed very much and it is getting better.  I think the TOBI must have taken care of what it needed to because she does seem to be getting better.  We have our last RSV shot on Monday at 930 am.  Pray for her to have a smooth time during the appointment.  Then our Cf Clinic visit on 3/25 so we will find out how she is doing.

She has been a cute little girl and she is going to have a busy week.  Her cousins are coming from Troy tomorrow.  Then she will get to see Aunt Lulu and family, then Aunt Debbie and family.  After this next week she is going to think she is supposed to have people around her all the time.

Thanks for the prayers.

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