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Monday, March 8, 2010

Done with the TOBI ( For 28 days)

Hi everyone,

We got done with the TOBI this morning.  (as of my last blog I was a day off in my calculations)  YEAH!!  We are so happy.  This means we are back to one breathing treatment a day with, right now, three vest treatments.  When her cough goes away we can back down her vest to two times a day.  I don't know if Eleanor or I will know what to do tomorrow morning.  She is in bed, got in about 15 minutes earlier tonight, and still chattering away.  We have had several funny moments so I will go ahead and tell them to you...

We were sitting at the table and Robert had gotten up but I did not know where he went.  So I looked at Eleanor and said I guess your daddy left.  So Eleanor yells, "Daddy where are ya??" three times until a laughing Robert comes walking down the hallway.

She was dancing with Elmo tonight.  There was a segment about tap dancing and she was trying to follow them.  It was cute/hilarious all at the same time. 

She saw her saline nose spray today on the counter today and said" Want to go spray my nose?!?"  She reminds me to do it.  That is the funny thing.  What kid reminds their mom do squirt saline up their nose. She usually wants me to do each nostril twice. 

We were watching an episode of Little Einsteins at lunch and she proceeded to recite the entire episode word for word to me.  She was very proud of herself!

Not so funny thing...
We had our first adventure in bullies this weekend.  We took her to Destin Commons to play on the playground and she really enjoyed it.  She likes to go thru the tunnel that is under the lighthouse.  This time a little girl had decided to plop herself right in the middle so no one could get thru.  Well, Eleanor went in the tunnel, said excuse me to the little girl (who did not move) and then stepped over her.  In the process of stepping over her she put her hand on the girl's leg.  Well, the little girl didn't appreciate it because she screamed DON'T TOUCH ME!  Eleanor turned around and smiled at her and kept going.

That was the first time.  The second time the first girl and another were blocking the tunnel.  They would not let her in.  (Mind you I now understand how hard it is as a parent to let your kids fight their own battles)  So she went from one side of the tunnel to the other and the first little girl pushed Eleanor a little bit.  I am thinking what to I do??  Eleanor looked at the little girl, smiled, and pushed her back.  I called to Eleanor at this point and told her to come here.  She obeyed.  I have to tell you the whole time I called her I was glaring at the little girl.  I did bite my tongue but I really wanted to tell her a few things but decided it was Eleanor's battle not mine. 

The strongwill that Eleanor has been blessed with, yes I said blessed, is going to come in really handy in the next few years.  I have to say she was unperturbed by the entire situation and did so much better than I would have.

On a side note...
The spring breakers have arrived at the beach!!  One sure sign that spring is on its way.  If you are coming down be careful and remember to be nice to us locals!

She just sneezed and thru the monitor Robert and I are hearing Eleanor say, "achoo, bless you!"


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