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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cookies and Hissyfits

I decided that since everytime we go to Publix she likes the sprinkle sugar cookies that we would make some at home.  So after her nap today I cut the premade cookie dough and put it on a sheet.  We washed our hands and then got the sprinkle container.  I let her stand in the chair and she was already excited about that.  This was under the pretense that Eleanor was helping mommy cook.  So she turns the sprinkle container over and they go everywhere some on cookies, tableclothes, and the floor.  I had to help her toward the end as she was trying to push the container in one of the cookies. 

Fun right!  She was having a ball until I took the cookies and put them in the oven.  Then we had one big hissyfit!  Bless her, she doesn't understand the concept of cooking the cookies.  I put them in the oven and told her that they cookies were yucky how they were and that they had to cook.  When the timer bings it will be ready.  Nothing worked.  So, here I am thinking we will do something nice and it ends up with discipline being administered.  So we finally get calmed down and she eats the sprinkles out of a container I put some in for her while watching the cookies "cook."  Finally, with about two minutes left she looks up at the oven and says,"We have to let the cookies bake."  So I think she finally understood I was not trying to be a mean mommy!

I took the cookies out and let them cool for a minute and then took them to the table so she could look at her masterpieces.  She enjoyed this part...I did the second batch of cookies myself. (no drama needed)  I took some pictures of her eating the sprinkles and the cookies.  I will post them later.

Her cough is mostly gone...only about twice to three times a day.  Yeah!! 

A Mommy funny story....
I don't have to many moments like this but...Monday morning we got up and I decided it was going to be one of those mornings that we go get tater tots from Whataburger.  So after her vest I pack us up and call mom just to check in...she answers and says, "So how did the shot go?"  It was a OH NO! Moment....I had completely forgotten about Eleanor's RSV shot.  It was 920 and her appt was at 930.  So we made an unexpected pit stop on the way to get Eleanor's breakfast.  We only arrived 5 minutes late.  Eleanor did the best she has ever done.  She stepped on the scale without tears and took her temperature in the mouth with only one wimper.  This is the first time ever she has not screamed when they tried to take her temp in her mouth.  She only started screaming when they stuck her and I don't blame her as I know that part hurts.  So my little girl is growing up so very fast.

She has had big weekend seeing her cousins from Troy.  The most fun she has had with them as they are all old enough to play pretty well together.  We even got her to share without any fits.

We also have spent time with Aunt Lulu, Mary, Nanny on monday and tuesday.  I think Eleanor wore Mary Quinn out.  She would not let her rest.  She would say,"want Mary up." or "want Mary to read the book," so Mary Quinn had a friend for two days.  We also got to see Great Aunt Harriet and Cousin Dee.  She enjoyed a lunch with them on Tuesday.

Pray for weigh gain as she did not gain any from a month ago when we got last month's RSV shot.  Hopefully she will have weight gain at her CF doc's appt next week.


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