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Monday, March 1, 2010

Doctor's Visit

We had a successful visit!!  She weighs 27.2 lbs and is 33.5 inches tall.  This is the 50th percentile for weight and height!  I never was in either of those categories growing up.  For a kid with CF this is great news.  It is really hard for them to grow weight or height.  When I called the CF clinic and told our nurse she was very happy as well.

Many of you know I am really short...so the fact that she is in the 50th percentile for height is a BIG DEAL...so this calls for a little celebration.  Our doctor, Dr. Fitzharris, was very pleased with her progress and said her developmental skills were very advanced for her age.  Of course, Eleanor clams up when we go in there and does not show any of her spunk.  However, as soon as we got to the elevator when the appointment was over she jumped up and down and said,"Go get some french fries!!"  We always go get tater tots or french fries after a doc's visit.  (Again, you know you have a CF kid when!)

Funny story...

Last night we were at the beach house with Nanny and Bubs giving her a bath.  (We don't have bathtubs at our house so she still is in a big baby tub.)  She was enjoying the big tub and she kept flipping over on her belly.  I kept telling her that she needed to get back on her botton and sit up.  She would oblige each time but continue to disobey.  Oh the joys of a two year old!  Well, next thing I know she is laying down on her back in the tub ears submerged and giggling at me like "Look what I can do!".  For some reason she also decided that she would try to turn over.  You know what happens right?  She rolls over and dunks her head fully in the water getting a mouth and nose full of water.  Needless to say that ended her bath...funny thing is she never cried!  She wined twice as I was getting her out but never cried!!  So you now know what I mean when I say Eleanor is fearless.  She is completely fearless...


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